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PhD, Atmospheric Sciences

MSc, Water Resources & Management

MSc, Electronics and Remote Control

2007-2019 - Senior Coordinator on Data Quality Control and Processing, Israel Meteorological Service

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Phone:       (972) 50 621 2256


ICCLIPP - Israeli Consulting in Climatological Projects and Practices

Complex meteorological and climatological data processing: performing, counseling, guidance 


  • Providing Expert Opinion on weather conditions and Court Testimony in weather-related cases including damage and losses;

  • Extreme  value analysis of high wind speed and precipitation - renewed for each case with the most recent data;

  • Climatological calculations for various Infrastructure Projects;

  • Guidance on statistical issues related to various climatological problems;

  • Guidance on using observational data from manual and automated weather stations. 

The service is provided by Dr. Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki

Are you a legal, insurance, academic or industrial customer in need of high quality, fast and affordable help in Climatological Projects & Practices?
Please contact us - we are happy being at your service!
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